Hi there, 
Mom & Dad!

Chances are, your son asked you to consider helping him in enrolling for the Soulmate Method program.

So you can have all the info to make the right decision for your lovely boy ?, I set-up this page to help you with that.

1. Who am I?

  1. Yes, I’m some guy your son found on the internet. So I understand how your alarms are going off already. Trust me, so would my parents’!
  2. My name is Anthony Recenello, and I am a social development coach. I’ve been coaching men on how to meet a loving, supportive, attractive partner for more than ten years. I see it as my life’s calling to help men and women have better, healthier, longer-lasting relationships.

  3. Not only do I have the success stories to back it up, but also a real reputation in this field. I’ve been invited to appear on FOX, CNN, PIX, VICE, and more.

    Even The New York Times did a profile on me a few years ago. Here’s that very article: https://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/18/nyregion/wingman-for-hire.html

    And here’s just one of my many TV appearances — I’m getting interviewed by Morgan Spurlock on CNN. (And don’t worry, this is long before they were fake news ?.)

2. Soulmate Method program

  1. Right off the bat, you notice this isn’t a “how to pickup chicks” program. The goal of what we bring to men is right there in the name—And we take it seriously. My only goal is to bring each of my students his ideal match within twelve months. And I want this woman he meets to be the one he happily stays with “’til death do they part.”
  2. This was probably your first question—So I want to be clear. The Soulmate Method program is $1,997. Yes, that wasn’t at typo. Read on…
  3. Now let me show you why this program costs how much it does.

    Soulmate Method is a three-month online class for men with Lesson Plans, Video Assignments, Weekly Video Coaching, all structured specifically so your bundle of joy can follow a simple, step-by-step method from single, to getting into a fulfilling, committed relationship ASAP.

    Once he begins the program, he will be spending his time establishing the type of woman he should be with, figuring out where she is, and then spending his time finding and meeting women just like that. Much of the philosophy behind Soulmate Method is making sure he’s meeting the right women. (Not just any pretty Nancy or Sally at the corner bar.)

    This means he’ll be interacting with me personally each week for as long as he needs. So even though the lessons are given weekly for three months, his connection with myself (weekly video coaching) and the other students (in the private community app) is a lifetime tool he can use whenever, wherever.

3. Next Steps…

I want to make sure you have all the information you need in order to make the right choice. So here are some options I have for you:

  1. Talk to me on the phone. Because this program is so close-knit, I only allow people to enroll after they’ve had a call with me. Your son has likely already chatted with me on the phone, and we’ve established the next step is connecting with you. So please feel free set-up a call with me sometime this week (the sooner, the better) by either getting my contact info from your son or using this link: https://soulmatemethod.com/schedule

  2. The entire program curriculum is available to be viewed here: https://soulmatemethod.com/about. I encourage you to have a look.

  3. If $1,997 is too big of a payment all at once, my company offers monthly payment plans ranging from 2-5 months.

  4. Lastly, if you are still a little hesitant to have your son enroll in something like this, I offer a 100% cash-back guarantee. If after the first two weeks, your son decides this is not the right program for him, just email or text my staff and they will issue a refund immediately. All I ask of him is that he commits to the weekly lessons and assignments. (I’ll make sure to keep him on track.)

Mom and Dad, I hope I’ve done a good job of showing you that your son is in good hands with me and the Soulmate Method program.

It’s my duty to make sure each and every one of my students are on the right track, meeting his amazing life partner within a year, and continuing his life without the looming fear of not finding someone substantial in time. The only thing we want to think about next is how many grandkids you’re having. ?

I hope I have earned your trust and your business.

—Anthony Recenello, Creator of Soulmate Method